Prince comes to Dublin for one off gig

March 17, 2008

Prince Live 

Prince is heading to Dublin for a one off gig in June.

Details : Dublin at Croke Park on Monday 16th June

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Prince Blue Cloud Guitar for sale

January 19, 2008

Hey all you Prince fans, I have just seen this great Guitar for sale on Ebay.


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Blue Cloud Guitar Prince

Prince Chaos & Disorder LIVE

December 2, 2007

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Strange item for sale on Amazon

November 13, 2007

Prince 3121

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Where do you think Prince & the NPG should tour next…you decide

November 9, 2007

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Funky new Prince Trax, listen now…is it Camille

November 9, 2007


Prince PFunk

Prince bits to buy..

November 9, 2007


Here you can look at a slideshow of some Prince goodies…..

Prince: Thief in the Temple (Paperback)

November 5, 2007

Prince: Thief in the Temple (Paperback)

Thief in the Temple (Paperback)

It is almost thirty years since Prince Rogers Nelson released his first album. In that time he has been a superstar; a recluse; an inspiration; an enigma; a slave; and a symbol. But throughout all these changes he has remained a prodigiously talented singer, songwriter, performer and musician. From the highs of “Purple Rain” and “Sign O’ The Times” to the bitter quarrels and commercial failures of the 1990s, he has remained a compulsively creative force and a unique voice in rock, pop, soul or whatever music he turns his hand to. In this major critical biography, Brian Morton dissects the man behind the artist and shows emphatically why Prince still matters in the twenty-first century.

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Prince – Is Back On Top, The Man, The Artist, In His Own Words (Paperback)

November 4, 2007

Prince – Is Back On Top, The Man, The Artist, In His Own Words (Paperback)

Prince – Is Back On Top, The Man, The Artist, In His Own Words is an exciting anthology! A collectible item on the life and career of the musical genius. It’s showcased with Fascinating pictures and depicted through the entertainer’s own words – representing rare performances and interviews.
Prince - Is Back On Top, The Man, The Artist, In His Own Words (Paperback)

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Prince Purple Doves Interviews DVD

October 31, 2007

Prince Purple Doves Interviews DVD

Video Description
This DVD contains a ton of insightful interviews with the “purple one”, the artist formerly known as Prince. He has been a remarkably prolific artist, having released several hundred songs, both under his own name and through other artists. Regarded as a perfectionist, he produces, composes, arranges and performs nearly all of the songs on his albums. Critics have dubbed him a musical genius due to the quality of his compositions and proficiency at various instruments. This DVD sheds some light on why Prince is so respected by fellow musicians and adored by fans worldwide..

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