Prince performs live on Sky Tv

Taken from Sky:

EXCLUSIVE: Prince Live On Sky News

Prince exclusively played two songs live on Sky News from the last of his marathon set of London gigs – and fans loved every second of it.
Prince in action

Prince in action

The show was the last of a 21-night stint at the O2 arena, formerly called the Millennium Dome.

Originally, only seven gigs had been planned, but more were quickly arranged because of the huge demand and rave reviews.

And with just one look at the eager crowd it was easy to see why.

Waving their purple glow sticks, the crowd went mad as he began Purple Rain – jumping and singing for all they were worth.

Next came Guitar. His two dancers staged a mock cat fight before Prince disappeared into the smoke, only to re-appear on stage minutes later.

Addressing the 18,000-strong crowd, he said: “This is confusing. The quicker I go through these hits, the quicker I’m gone. I’m not trying to go … I love it in London.”

The crowd made it clear they loved him too and amid the applause Prince raised the roof with Kiss.

Altering his lyrics for the London crowd he changed his familiar “You don’t have to watch Dynasty” line to “You don’t have to watch Big Brother”.

Then he invited the audience to go crazy (Let’s Go Crazy) before belting out 1999 to fans who were more than happy to party like the Millennium was looming.

Saying he’d “never forget this” his Purpleness then sang his own version of Nothing Compares To You which he wrote for Sinead O’Connor before bidding farewell to a frenzied crowd with “Jehovah blessing on you all – Goodnight.”

For ten minutes they clapped, cheered and stamped, waiting for Prince to re-appear – before he was wheeled back out of the backstage area in a box. When he got out, the number 21 was sprayed on the back of his jacket.

“You sure you ain’t gotta train to catch?” he asked – and 18,000 fans yelled “no” at the top of their lungs.

On stage without his band he then proceeded to blast out a medley of hits – When Doves Cry, Alphabet Street & The Most Beautiful Girl In The World.

Then he said what the crowd had been waiting for: “I’ve got more hits than that number (the 21 on the back of his jacket). I’ll keep you here all night!”

Star wows the crowd

Star wows the crowd

Teasing his fans with intros to classic hits he said they “weren’t ready for” the medley continued before Prince finally left the stage.

The house lights came on, but the crowd were going no-where. After another 15 minutes of cheers, applause, whistles and stamping, Prince duly obliged and took to the stage for his second and final encore complete with his band, dancers and backing singers.

From ballads to mood-lifting pop classics he went through his back catalogue pleasing the crowd and it seemed, himself with the reaction he was getting.

Millions watched the opening two songs broadcast live on Sky News, 18,000 were lucky enough to see the finale in the flesh.

Seats were merely somewhere to put coats as the entire crowd danced and sang their way through the performance from start to finish.

The O2 arena audience would clearly always want more from Prince, he looked like he wanted to give it to them, but he motioned to his watch, said goodnight for the last time and left the arena.

Always leave them wanting more, they say – and if he’d played for seven more hours, this crowd would still have wanted more.

:: Prince did not charge for the footage, which was released worldwide after the exclusive showing on Sky News.

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2 Responses to Prince performs live on Sky Tv

  1. Darshan says:

    But nothing online where we can see the footage, eh?


    Sounds like it was a great show.


  2. Princeology says:

    Yeah, if anyone finds the link please post a comment and we will update the site.

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